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DIY Glass Picture Pendants by Amanda Marie Part Two

Hey guys! This is my first tutorial, so feel free to ask questions or make suggestions! It’s always good to learn from each other :)

Part one here

Supplies: Glass tiles, diamond glaze, bails (the bronze loops that go on top); X-acto knife and cutting mat; super glue; paint brush, pens, and paper. 

1) Get creative and draw something cool! OR find a (professionally printed) picture that you love. The ink will smear if you use an image printed at home. 

2) Lay your image on a hard surface. Don’t cut the paper down to size just yet; leave some room around the edges. 

3) Put a little Diamond Glaze on the back of a glass tile. Brush it out to an even, medium thick layer. Practice makes perfect! 

4) Press the tile onto the paper. Hold it down for a few seconds. 

5) Go wash your brush right away, because if you forget (like I do) you’ll never get the freaking glue out of your brush. Just saying. 

6) Let it dry, face down, for an hour. 

7) Your image should now show nicely through the glass, but there should still be extra paper sticking out around the edges of the glass. Use the X-acto knife to trim the extra paper away. 

8) Flip the tile facedown, and superglue the flat part of the bail to the top of the image, so that the loop sticks out over the top of the tile. See final picture above.

9) Final step! (not shown) Paint two layers (let it dry in-between) of Diamond Glaze on the back of the image. This will seal the paper and protect it. Let it dry for an hour at least. 

Voila, you have yourself a pendant! Hang it on a ribbon or chain, and enjoy!


You can see my quote pendant creations at amerystudios.etsy.com. Thanks!


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